“Lisaís techniques are varied, interesting and effective. Within only a few months I saw an amazing change to my body shape. She has a vast knowledge of fitness and nutrition. She has a unique ability to encourage and motivate you to get the results you want.” — Tracy

“Lisa has been my personal trainer for the last 2 years and I am very pleased with her services. She always changes the workout routine so it never gets boring and she knows just how far to push me so that I always get a really good workout. She is a real pleasure to work with.” — Robert

“I always look forward to Lisaís training sessions! She pushes me to my personal best. Her workouts are tailored to get the results Iím looking for, and are always new and challenging. I always feel better and more energized after!” — Tonja

“Lisa has been my personal trainer for several years now. When I first met her I was immediately impressed with her friendly personality, what great shape she is in and her toned physique. This was a great indicator of “practicing what you preach”. She always makes my workouts interesting by mixing things up. I have achieved a look that I am proud of and I feel energized and happy. Thank you.” — Daniella
“I have used Lisaís training services over the past few years and even though my needs varied throughout those years, one thing remained consistent; Lisa obtaining results for me. Even though results are the ultimate goal, one thing that sets Lisa apart from the rest is her attentive ear for listening to her clientís needs, her honest intent and care for oneís health, and setting realistic, attainable programs based on this philosophy she uses. My programs were actually fun which was a huge help on the days I didnít really want to work out! Lisaís ability to provide a calm yet motivating environment was another highlight for meÖ who wants to pay someone to yell at them? I highly recommend Lisa, she is one of a kind! ”— DeeDee